Audio Messages

The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me "The RESIN of His Spirit"

This message is about the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. Jesus preached the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him out of Isaiah 61. In this chapter, it is talking about the tress of righteousness which is important to understand about the anointing. Most anointing oils come from the resin of trees. Trees are symbolic of people in the Bible. Therefore the anointing of God's Spirit flows through people.

Ark of the Covenant Vision

Vince asked the question, "Why is the Ark of the Covenant rarely mentioned in the New Testament." We never read of Jesus mentioning the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant was the most powerful relic in the Old Testament. Vince let the question go, but the Holy Spirit fell on him one night and gave him a vision of four men carrying the Ark of the Covenant up the altar of a large church. The Holy Spirit spoke to Vince and said, "Wherever you read Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament, think Holy Spirit. Wherever you read Holy Spirit in the New Testament think Ark of the Covenant. Put the two together and you will understand me." This experience was overwhelming powerful and Vince cried for a week. He then went and studied both subjects and the revelations were incredible. In this message, Vince tells about this experience and what he learned.

The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith must be offered for the sick to be healed or for miracles to occur. This Prayer must be offered by someone who is in right standing with God and knows how to speak to mountains and make them move with their faith.

Watchers, Eyes of the Lord & Heavenly Books

Many people live their lives not realizing there are Watchers and the Eyes of the Lord writing everything they say and do in Heavenly Books. We will be judged by our works written in these Heavenly Books. If your name is not written in the Lamb's Book of Life you will not go to Heaven!

The Attack Brings the Blessing

You may be going through an attack, but God wants you to know that the very thing or person attacking you is bringing you a hidden blessing. Many people were attacked in the Bible, but in the end, God was bringing them a blessing. Have faith in God and you will see God is bringing a blessing to your doorstep!

Three Levels of Faith - Hope, Belief & Knowing

There are three levels to Faith. Hope, belief, and knowing. Hope is when you desire for God to do something. Belief is when you believe God can do something. Knowing is when you know that you know God will do the miracle, now! God is calling you to this level of FAITH! It is time to make God marvel at your faith and this will only happen if you reach the level of knowing with your faith.

The Power of Prophecy

You cannot underestimate the power of prophecy operating in the church. When God speaks prophetically mountains have to move. If you are going through a tough time you need God to speak into your situation. When God speaks into your situation, you will receive the answer to your prayer.

Lazarus & The Prayer of Faith

When Jesus came to the tomb of Lazarus He had already prayed to the Father and the Father heard Him, but Lazarus was still dead. Jesus had to come to the tomb of Lazarus and offer the prayer of faith to raise Lazarus from the dead. God hears many prayers and answers them, but if someone doesn't speak to the mountain by faith the problem will stay dead.

Essential Oils and the Ministry of Jesus

Essential Oils played a vital part in the ministry of Jesus. The wise men brought frankincense, gold, and myrrh at the birth of Jesus. The disciples of Jesus anointed people with olive oil when praying for the sick. Jesus anointed twice before His death with Spikenard. We also know Jesus was wrapped in myrrh, aloes, and spices after He died. The essential oils played a secret role in the life of Jesus. This message reveals some of the mysteries as to why essential oils were so important to Christ. This message also reveals the cup that Jesus had to drink from at the cross!